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Swahili course for Adults.

We offer a wide and flexible range of courses to meet your needs. So whatever your age, your level or your learning goals, we have a course for you.

Swahili Course for children.

Start a lifelong language learning adventure – with the Tanzania Swahili natives’ expert Choose our spoken Swahili classes for kids and teens.
Let your child explore our world of Swahili, developing Swahili communication and core life skills.
Our qualified teachers will inspire you every step of the way.

Translation Services

We’re here to help. We are the most flexible language service provider in the industry. And we are here for you.
That means we are always available and ready to adapt to every translation need. Have your legal documents, film scripts, and business contracts ready to take over East African markets with our human translation services?

Welcome to:-
Dar es salaam School of Swahili Language.

The leading institution for Swahili language training. We offer Swahili courses for all levels, from beginner to the proficiency. We have designed our courses to give you a very easy way to learn to speak, read, and even write Swahili words correctly. We will give you the ability to learn new Swahili words not only by the way they are written, but also with correct pronunciation. Picha We also provide Swahili cultural training, certified translation and interpretation services (verbal and non-verbal) and other education materials. We hope you’ll enjoy learning and work with us. Karibu sana.


Featured Courses







Why Choose DSSL?

Professional staff

Our tutors are all highly qualified and experienced native speakers who are dedicated to help you learn Swahili to the best of your ability. They not only have the language skills necessary for good teaching, but will motivate and guide your progress throughout. Our method of teaching is interactive and communicative with a strong focus on spoken communication in our classes.

Proven Pedagogy

We stik to establish methodologies. An "eclectic approach" is applied allowing all tpe of learnersto improveconsistently. Our extracurricular classroom learning.

Focus on You

If you want private tutoring, we can make it happen. If you need a special kind of host family with whom to share a home, we will find them. You can call us on whenever you are in need and we will help. That’s our promise.

Online Classes

We also provide an online class through skype, Zoom etc. The class is live from the comfotr of your home or office.